Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Little Ballerinas

I can hardly believe Natalie is starting her third year of ballet! She will be in her second year of ballet and tap combo class with Ms. Deelana. Emma Grace is so excited to finally be starting her own class and has been talking about it all summer. She will also have Ms. Deelana for her Creative Movement class. She is so proud to be just like her big sister!
Emma Grace- 3 years old

Natalie- 5 years old

Listening carefully to Ms. Deelana's instructions

She followed directions very well!

Natalie's turn!

She was excited to find out there are two girls from her very first class with her again this year!

Time for tap

Emma was trying to tell her sister what a great job she was doing through the window! Natalie was all smiles!

Playing with a new friend!

I am looking forward to watching the girls grow and learn this year with Ms. Deelana. She is great with the girls and they had a wonderful first day!

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