Sunday, August 14, 2011

'Twas the Night Before School Started...

I have to say the last week has been interesting for me. I have stayed busy trying to make the most of the girls' last week of summer, all the while, reassuring the girls about the exciting road ahead of them. One night, I sat thinking about how fast the time had passed. Natalie is starting Kindergarten and I feel as though it was only a few short years ago, I was 5 months pregnant with her and decorating my own classroom. This time of year always brings back the memories of preparing for a new school year. I loved decorating my classroom, bringing out the new supplies, creating lesson plans. The year was new..fresh...full of possibilities. I always looked forward to meeting the kids I would be spending all day with over the next  year.  This year, it was a different feeling though. It was new and unfamiliar. This time, I faced the start of a new school year, not as a student (been there, done that), not as a teacher (check), but as a mommy. Usually I have the plans I am going over with the parents. I was the one that reassured the parents and children that this was, in fact, goingto be a "fantastic year". Friday, I walked through the doors of Trinity with nervous excitement, looking for those understanding smiles from teachers and faculty that this was, in fact, going to be a "fantastic year"!

 It never ceases to amaze me how the Lord prepares our hearts and walks with us each step of the way. He has taught me and reminded me of His love and promises this week, all through prayerfully seeking His guidance in preparing the girls for this change. Change can be a little scary, but God uses it to prove over and over His faithfulness to each of us! I pray that God will continue to grow my heart and that I may be a source of His love for my little girls as start this "fantastic new school year"!

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